Реєстрація на вебінар «Ways to Create Healthy Learning Environment»

Видавництво National Geographic Learning та офіційний представник видавництва, компанія «Лінгвіст» запрошують викладачів англійської мови на безкоштовну онлайн подію! 

Дата: 27 червня
Час: 16.00 – 17.00
Місце: онлайн
Участь: безкоштовна

Про вебінар 

Many of us claim that school lessons are one of a few sources which help learners survive current difficult times. Apart from teaching English, our task today is to help our students feel safe and have some fun. We believe that teaching values to students can be one of the solutions to the problem. Learners become equipped with attitudes and behaviours for success at school and beyond. How to teach values in an engaging way? We invite you to discover together at our webinar. We are going to share some ideas and show how Look series help us achieve this goal. 


Diana Golovan 
Diana is CELTA and IH CYLT certified teacher with 3 years of teaching experience. Diana works for National Geographic Learning Ukraine and та «Лінгвіст» company. She continues to teach English to kids, teens and adults. Her interests are language learning strategies, CLIL, Task Based and Project Based learning.