Вебінар “Make Learning a Joy with Videos”

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Запрошуємо зареєструватись на безплатний вебінар від видавництва “National Geographic Learning“.

Тема: Make Learning a Joy with Videos
Дата: 20 травня
Час: 16.00 – 17.00

Videos are a great source. With the help of a video we can catch our learner`s attention, add some fun to the lessons and bring our classes outside the classroom.

Our new course for young learners, Look, has 15 video lessons for each level. There are videos that tell stories of children and adults from around the world. These videos help to provide a great model for learners’ output. There are even more videos. Your class is going to have virtual school trips, be ready to visit a toy museum in Prague, an animal safari in the African savanna and many other places. These videos lead to wonderful students’ projects.

In this webinar, we are going to look at some examples of videos from Look. We will discuss basic stages of any video lesson, fun activities for young learners and possible projects. Also we will have a look at possible problems during the video lesson and their solutions. You will be able to use the ideas with any videos.

Доповідач: Діана Головань, методист National Geographic Learning Ukraine

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